Cleaning Services You Should Offer As Part Of Your Retail Property Lease

Posted on: 12 January 2015

When you own a commercial retail property, chances are that the property sees hundreds of shoppers every day, if not more. In high-traffic commercial areas, that can easily become thousands of shoppers. With so many people passing through your retail development, it's important to keep things clean. Retail properties with multiple tenants can be difficult to keep clean, because tenants can be unpredictable in their cleaning efforts. The best way to combat this is to provide cleaning services as part of your commercial lease. Here's a look at some of the things you should include in your cleaning plan.

Daily Maintenance and Cleaning

You want to make sure that your commercial property is clean and inviting for customers. Talk with a commercial cleaning service about scheduling daily upkeep and cleaning. There are several areas that you'll want to make sure are defined in the contract.

Common Areas

Walkways should be swept and kept clean of any debris. All of the garbage cans in the public areas should be emptied at least once a day. In busy commercial areas, you may want to have a commercial cleaning company that provides full-time onsite services to keep up with trash all day.

If the property has public restrooms that are part of the common area, those need to be cleaned at least once a day as well. Bathrooms are another area where you want to consider full-time cleaning staff to keep up with the cleaning several times a day.

Outdoor gathering areas, sitting areas and corridors need to be monitored and kept neat as well. If you've added a visitor's center with pamphlet racks and maps, have your cleaning crew check in on it frequently, because these areas often become cluttered and messy.

Retail Spaces

Every retail space should be cleaned after closing every day. Since carpets can gather dirt and debris, they need to be vacuumed daily. All countertops and other frequently-touched surfaces need to be disinfected and cleaned, and windows or other glass surfaces should be cleaned with a streak-free cleaner as well.

Once a Month Deeper Cleaning

Once a month, each retail space should be cleaned more in-depth. Choose a day when the store is closed, and plan to shampoo the carpets, steam-clean linoleum and tile, and then dust the overhead light fixtures. If you have hallways that need to be waxed, apply a fresh coat during the monthly cleaning cycle as well. You might even want to use a pressure washer or high-pressure steam cleaner on the outside seating areas to keep the tables and chairs clean and free of stains.

These routine, consistent cleaning schedules are an ideal way to keep your retail property looking its best at all times. After all, the property isn't just a reflection of the businesses that are there, but also a reflection of your property management company. Keep up with routine cleanings and maintenance to keep the customers coming in. For more information, contact a local commercial cleaning company.