The Party Professional: Make Your Apartment Easy For Entertainment

Posted on: 10 June 2015

As a professional in the city, there is so much to do and see. Though stepping out for a night on the town is what most urban professionals do to party, throwing a party in your city apartment is also a great way to get together with friends. In order to throw a great event, make sure your apartment home is party ready. You can go from standard apartment to a centralized bachelor pad in just a few steps.

Properly space furniture and walk spaces  

In order to be a great host, your guests should have space to walk and have space to sit, without the two colliding with one another. Centralize your furniture in one area that will work for casual conversation. Make sure to keep all walk spaces clear. Your guests should be able to get in and out of furniture settings and through rooms without bumping into anything.

Create a wet bar

If you and your friends enjoy wine, liquor, or mixed drinks, a wet bar makes for an excellent home accessory. If your apartment did not come equipped with a wet bar, consider adding one yourself. You can create a small wet bar with a thin kitchen block. Use the top to place your intricate drink items, and the bottom to hold all of your liquor. Add a stainless-steel wine rack above the wet bar to show off your wine bottles.

Designate courtesy areas

If you wish for your friends to remove their shoes, create a basket in the front with slippers or socks for your guests' comfort. To save your furniture, have signs for coasters and make them readily available in all rooms that will have drinks. If you do plan to host friends on a balcony area, make sure that the interior temperature remains properly regulated. Guest comfort is a big deal for parties, so make sure that every aspect of the evening is relaxing for your friends.

Invest in serving dishware

If you want to be the best bachelor or bachelorette party maker, you must have the serving plates to prove it. Purchase serving dishware that you can show off and that will hold great finger foods and your best specialty dishes. Make sure the plates are large enough for everyone to grab the finger food. Tasty food served on a beautiful, chic platter will make your guests feel as if you paid special attention to every detail.