Four Landscaping Maintenance Issues Property Management Companies Help You Avoid

Posted on: 14 July 2015

Are you worried about the landscaping and maintenance of your building? Property management companies are the best and easiest way to ensure that any property, either residential or commercial, is properly maintained for both the benefit of the owners and the tenants. One unique advantage to a property management company is that they often provide landscape maintenance services -- which can be quite costly.

1. Liability Problems

Liability issues can crop up any time an exterior is improperly maintained. From cracked walkways to dead and damaged trees, a property owner can be considered liable if someone outside gets injured -- even if they aren't a tenant and are just passing through. Property management companies are skilled in identifying potential liability problems and resolving them quickly. 

2. Dead Grass

Dead grass may not seem like the end of the world... until it slowly starts encroaching upon the rest of the property. When grass is poorly maintained, it tends to fall dormant and then to die entirely, leaving dry, dead patches. It can be very difficult to resolve this, because weeds will quickly pop up in the dead patches and settle in. Once the situation gets worse, the only thing that can be done is to till up the entire area and re-seed with new grass. A properly cared-for property, however, should be able to keep its grass healthy throughout the year without much difficulty. 

3. Water Overuse

Many landscaping companies overuse their water. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also be bad for the property's water bill. There are many tricks that landscaping companies and management companies can do to reduce water usage: improve the spacing of automatic watering systems, set timers to water properly, avoid watering when the soil is already moist, and more. Management companies will also notice a sudden increase in water use very quickly, and will be able to figure out the cause -- which is often a leak that could be damaging. 

4. Inconsistent Servicing

Perhaps the most challenging issue most businesses and residential properties will face is inconsistent servicing. When hiring individual yard maintenance crews and companies, it can be difficult to schedule regular times -- and problems can crop up that require the locating and hiring of specialists. Through a property management company, all property maintenance flows through a single point of contact and servicing can be done on a steady schedule. Inconsistent servicing will quickly lead to an unattractive, poorly maintained and sometimes dangerously damaged landscape.

Landscaping is an element to property maintenance that is fairly easy to upkeep but very difficult to fix. While you can always paint a damaged or old exterior, you can't get trees, plants and grass to grow in quickly without significant expense. A property management company like Marcine & Roussel Company can help by ensuring that the property constantly remains under control.