• Cleaning Services You Should Offer As Part Of Your Retail Property Lease

    When you own a commercial retail property, chances are that the property sees hundreds of shoppers every day, if not more. In high-traffic commercial areas, that can easily become thousands of shoppers. With so many people passing through your retail development, it's important to keep things clean. Retail properties with multiple tenants can be difficult to keep clean, because tenants can be unpredictable in their cleaning efforts. The best way to combat this is to provide cleaning services as part of your commercial lease. [Read More]

  • Self Storage: 3 Tips For Avoiding Damage

    Are you planning to use a self storage unit to house your excess belongings? If so, you should know that a failure to properly prepare these items for an extended storage period could result in serious damage, such as the growth of mold and mildew or the development of rust. Thankfully, this type of damage can be easy to avoid when using the three tips outlined below. Tip #1: Avoid The Use Of Cardboard Boxes [Read More]

  • The Legalities Of Love: What You Need To Know About Apartment Leases Before Cohabiting

    So you and your mate have decided that you should live together. Cohabitation among unmarried couples has become an increasingly common progression in relationships. But before agreeing to share an apartment with a significant other, consider these important factors regarding rentals, co-tenants and the shared property that exists within such a space. LEASE AGREEMENTS                                                                  Although you and your partner are not legally bonded to each other through marriage, one or both of you may be legally tied to a rental. [Read More]