• The Impact Of The New Tax On Foreign Home Buyers

    In an effort to slow rising housing prices in Vancouver, the Canadian government instituted a 15% tax against foreign buyers. Though this tax was initially intended to help the real estate market, it may actually have had a negative impact. There are a few ways in which the additional 15% transfer tax could potentially be causing further issues. Foreign Investing Has Been Limited A 15% tax is very significant. Foreign investors may now feel as though they are not welcomed in Vancouver and may hesitate to buy into projects. [Read More]

  • Four Fire Safety Tips For First-Time Homeowners

    When you move into your first home, it's an exciting time but also an opportunity to think about your safety and the safety of the home itself. You already likely know about testing your smoke alarms, changing the batteries periodically and keeping a working fire extinguisher in the home. What you might not yet have thought about, however, is how you can reduce the likelihood of encountering a variety of other fire risks. [Read More]